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Commercial Paver Repairs

Commercial Paver Repairs

Are you looking to integrate pavers or paver speed humps into your overall parking lot design?  Do you have severely sunken or damaged pavers that nobody wants to repair?  We can provide you with the expertise and service to handle repairs or new paver installation.  Brick selection and installation pattern are very critical decisions dependent … Continued

Storm Drain/Grate Repair

Storm Drain/Grate Repair

Even excellent drainage can be overwhelmed by Florida rains.  Keeping catch basins and storm water lines clear of debris and silt is essential to maintaining the performance of storm water systems.  Chronic standing water around drain inlets accelerates asphalt deterioration.  And broken or missing cast iron grates pose a tremendous hazard for pedestrians and vehicles.  … Continued

Potholes Palm Beach

Florida Pavement Services is a premier pothole service company. For nearly twenty years we have been serving our customers with consistent, top of the line service that we would expect for ourselves. With a full service team of professionals, we offer the experience and creativity to meet your pothole service needs as our superior craftsmanship … Continued

Potholes Fort Lauderdale

Do you have potholes needing repair in the Fort Lauderdale area, then look no further then Florida Pave Services. We are a full service pothole repair and paving company ready to take on all your repairs for potholes in Fort Lauderdale. Potholes in Fort Lauderdale are a thing of the past with Florida Pave Services, … Continued

Potholes Miami

Need pothole repair in the Miami, Florida area, look no further then Florida Pave Services. We are the first ones you should think of for your potholes in Miami. The great thing about Florida Pave Services is that our work stands the test of time, and last through Florida’s sometimes terrible weather conditions. If you … Continued

Paving Palm Beach

Florida Pavement Services is your number one company you should think of for all your Paving in Palm Beach, Florida needs. We are a full service paving company. We pave everything from driveways to parking lots. Our services are unlike any others as we are fast, friendly and attentive to all of our customers needs. … Continued