All asphalt pavement surfaces should be maintained on a routine basis to deal with the daily accumulating stresses of traffic, moisture and oxidation. Sealcoating is a refined coal tar or asphalt surface treatment used to both maintain and extend the life of your pavement surface. Sealcoat treatments (especially coal tar based) enable asphalt surfaces to resist oxidative aging as well as degradation from fuel & oil spills. For newer pavement, sealcoating provides a tremendous value in preventative maintenance. For old and weathered pavements, a newly sealcoated surface provides instant curb appeal and extended life.

It may not be your fault but it is your asphalt.  And from time to time potholes and other distresses will need attention.  Root intrusion from adjacent planters and pavement lifted by hydrostatic water pressures can also create safety issues for pedestrians.  Early detection of problems in your pavement surfaces can prevent further asphalt erosion and help you extend the life of your pavement surface.

Pavement repairs are area specific corrective measures.  The patching process most often involves removal of the material in and around where a failure is detected and replaces the material with new asphalt.  In South Florida the typical patching process includes the following steps;

ADA Compliance for your Parking Lot

Is your parking lot in compliance with Florida law when it comes to accessible parking? Florida has specific regulations meeting or exceeding Federal requirements. Florida statutes mandate the number of spaces that must be allocated for special needs parking, the size and location of these parking stalls as well as detailed striping and signage requirements. In addition, your parking lot pavement, ramps and walkways must comply with specific slope and dimensional requirements. We will help you with our years of practical field experience. And we can team up with recognized ADA professionals to ensure your parking lot passes the ADA compliance test!

Sidewalks/walkways are a great solution to keep folks away from traffic and on a safe path of travel. Florida Pavement Services also repairs existing sidewalks, both concrete and asphalt, that have been disturbed or lifted up by roots. Call us today to keep your customers and residents safe and on the level.

Concrete curbing is used to surround, define, contain and protect your landscaping investment. When properly designed and installed, concrete curbing can help contain root growth, prevent irrigation and storm water from undermining the pavement and keep cars on the road and off the grass.
Curbing can be installed in many sizes and profiles. Whether you need to replace damaged curbing or install new curb, Florida Pavement Services will give you the information you need to make the right choice for your curbing needs.

A parking lot isn’t complete until it’s striped. Traffic and pavement markings define the parking pattern and provide direction for traffic flow. Solid and neat markings for parking stalls, disabled parking, directional arrows, no parking zones, speed bumps and the like, keep a property looking well maintained and organized. Striping is most often done using high quality latex traffic paint. Some situations may also call for the durability and reflectivity of hot applied thermoplastic marking material with glass beads.easy to see that it can be the improvement that can provide the greatest value.” Allan Heydorn of Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction

They go by many names including “!!#@$!?$#!!” when they are loose, missing or broken. Carstops are used to define parking stalls, protect structures and provide order in otherwise open parking lots. There are many different styles and materials used for parking bumpers; concrete, plastic and rubber. We can provide, replace, remove, relocate and install the wheelstops you need.

Proper signage can improve the safety and traffic flow of all parking lot and garage facilities. The FDOT and your local municipalities have many specific requirements on the location, size, reflectivity and installation of most traffic signs. We can also provide and install custom signs for specialty parking areas, directions and messages.

Even excellent drainage can be overwhelmed by Florida rains. Keeping catch basins and storm water lines clear of debris and silt is essential to maintaining the performance of storm water systems. Chronic standing water around drain inlets accelerates asphalt deterioration. And broken or missing cast iron grates pose a tremendous hazard for pedestrians and vehicles. Florida Pavement Services offers vacuum and water jetting services. We also adjust, repair and replace catch basin grates and manhole covers.

Are you looking to integrate pavers or paver speed humps into your overall parking lot design? Do you have severely sunken or damaged pavers that nobody wants to repair? We can provide you with the expertise and service to handle repairs or new paver installation. Brick selection and installation pattern are very critical decisions dependent on use and type of traffic. Florida Pavement Services will provide you direction and information to help you make the right decisions.